AVA Annual Report 2020-21 available to view and download report

Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is about WHY we exist.

We want there to be: Connected, caring and cooperative communities across Adur.


Our mission is WHAT we do to make that vision a reality:

At the heart of Adur, we promote togetherness by connecting people with local opportunities, supporting groups to develop sustainably and by finding ways to give communities a voice.


We courageously stand up for our values, because they are the DNA for HOW we do things here:

  • Local
  • Inclusive
  • Creative
  • Collaborative
  • Empowering
  • Sustainable
  • Independent
  • Environmentally Responsible

AVA’s History

AVA was first established in 1959 as Shoreham & District Council for Voluntary Service. We later became Adur Council for Voluntary Service, and ten years ago Adur Voluntary Action.

AVA is a locally based charitable organisation. Our purpose is to support community development across Adur. AVA also belongs to NAVCA (National Association for Voluntary and Community Action) which is an umbrella body for councils for voluntary service and lobbies central government on matters relevant to the sector.

Community development involves working with individuals, groups, organisations of all kinds, and businesses. It means bringing people together to recognise shared needs and work to ensure that these are met. Community development can also mean campaigning for local services or human rights, opposing discrimination, and standing up for Adur’s needs: economic, environmental, health, leisure, social care.

To the above ends we offer one-to-one support and advice to local charitable organisations on matters such as: becoming constituted; registering as a charity; raising funds; promoting themselves; finding meeting space; supporting/training volunteers; recruiting/managing paid staff or handling the book keeping. We also participate in research projects, especially to study local needs or services, and work hard to bring funding into Adur from outside. AVA also runs its own projects, such as Adur Online Learners which helps more people access the internet.

AVA Membership

We are a membership organisation and encourage users of our services to join AVA. However, our mission is to support voluntary and community groups and we will offer our support irrespective of actual membership status.

Our members give and share
  • Their local knowledge, energy, experience and skill
  • Their interest in co-operation rather than competition
  • Their support for their local community
Our members receive
  • Mutual support, ideas, skill share and advice from other members
  • Advice and support for their organisations
  • Adur Voice (our newsletter) monthly