Some of AVA’s Staff and Trustees


AVA is a locally based charitable company (est 1959).  Our purpose is to support community development & charities across Adur. 

How do we support?

We provide grant & funding advice, provision of volunteers and provide signposting to other networks that can support any charity or organisation’s growth journey.

We are a member of NAVCA (National Association for Voluntary and Community Action) which is the umbrella body for local infrastructure development agencies and lobbies central government on matters relevant to the sector.

Community development involves working with individuals, groups and organisations of all kinds.  It means bringing people together to recognise shared needs and work to ensure that these are met.  To the above ends we offer one-to-one support and advice to local charitable organisations on matters such as: becoming constituted; registering as a charity; raising funds; promoting themselves; finding meeting space; supporting / training volunteers; recruiting / managing paid staff or holding money for small charities.

Learn more about us by downloading our latest annual report below.

ava annual report



Our mission is to support voluntary and community groups and we will offer support irrespective of actual membership status.  However we encourage users of our services to sign up to becoming members of AVA (cost free).  We are constitutionally answerable to our membership at each AGM and prospective funders also expect to see evidence of such democratic involvement.  The more we are supported, the better we in turn can support the local sector!

AVA Membership Application Form 2022